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Plan Options
Dues: $10.00 (Annually) $26.00 (3 years) $44.00 (5 years)
$20.00 (Graduating Seniors - 4 years)

Lifetime Option: The dues for Lifetime are based on your class year, and change every October when a new June graduation class is added. Teachers and staff members will also be based on their own high school year.

$360.00 (2023-1996) $198.00 (1995-1981) $108.00 (1980-1971)
$48.00 (1970-1962) $ 35.00 (1961 & Earlier)  
Growth of the membership also supports the Scholarship Fund. Effective October 11, 2017 25% of annual dues is added to the Scholarship Fund.

Our newsletters are mailed out twice a year. Mailing dates to keep in mind are for the spring newsletter Apr 15-30th and fall newsletter mailing time would be from Oct 15-31st each year. If you will not be home during these times at your normal home address, please notify the post office of your current address every time it changes. We cannot emphasize enough that we incur additional expenses in mailing costs if members do not keep us up-to-date on their residency information.

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Annual Golf Tournament - September 7, 2024

Annual Meeting - October 15th, 2024

Annual Banquet - June 1, 2025

Those Receiving Emailed Newsletters: The emailed newsletters come from "John St. Pierre at Presto Print." DO NOT respond to that email address as it goes to the printer, NOT the Whitesboro Alumni Association. Since this is a massive emailing, be sure to check your email settings, junk mail folder, etc. if you have not received your newsletter by May 15th in the spring and October 31st in the fall! Also, check your subject line for information regarding your membership status.