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The Association holds an annual banquet, open to all Alumni. The banquet is held in the spring (May/June) each year, and for the past several years has been hosted by the Lichorowic family, Scott '73, wife Barbara, and son Daniel. We traditionally honor the class celebrating its 60th year reunion, award the Alumni Scholarship winner(s), and hold inductions into the Teachers Hall of Fame when needed.

2017 Annual Spring Banquet


The 2017 annual Spring Banquet of the Whitesboro Alumni Association took place at Hart's Hill Inn on Sunday June 4th 2017. This year 79 alumni and guests attended. This year, our M.C. duties were handled by Tom Groves ‘56. The invocation was given by Barbara Groves.

The Class of 1957, on the 60th anniversary of their W.C.S. graduation, was honored. Twenty two classmates attended with their guests. A big thank you is extended to Harvey York ’57 who took over as the class representative.

The 2017 scholarship winners were Jerrad Bartczak, Carina Haden, and Aidan Uvanni. Each of these remarkable and deserving seniors received a $3000 check to be used towards their future education.

As is the case every year, we enjoyed a pleasurable afternoon at Hart's Hill Inn, celebrating and sharing memories of Whitesboro Central Schools.

Next year’s dinner will honor the Class of 1958 on June 3, 2018. We look forward to see all alumni there.


Alumni Spring Banquet - Sunday June 3, 2018
Golf Tournament - Saturday September 8, 2018
Annual Meeting - Wednesday October 10, 2018

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