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The Association has awarded 124 scholarships since 1974 to graduating seniors of The Whitesboro Central School District as of June 2016. These scholarships are awarded to seniors who are going to college or a vocational school, and the criteria for these awards are based on community service, participation in school activities, academic achievements and employment. Applications are available in the Guidance Office to every senior in January and must be returned by the stated deadline for the seven-member scholarship committee to individually review each applicant. The committee presents their recommendations to the full Board of Directors for approval. The scholarships are presented to the recipients at the Annual Banquet. The recipients in 2017 were Jerrad Bartczak, Carina Haden, and Aidan Uvanni. Each recipient received a check for $3,000.00. Prior to the Banquet, pictures and profiles of the winners are displayed at the Dunham Public Library in Whitesboro. The very popular and successful Annual Alumni Association's Golf Tournament and our receipt of scholarship donations have significantly contributed to the Association's ability to fund this award.

The Board, in recognition of the increasing needs for scholarship stipends, is continuing its focus on efforts to increase the scholarship fund. A greater number of scholarships and/or money awarded is the Associationís goal. We are thankful for the contributions from Association members and especially non-members who have supported the Scholarship fund.

While more is good, it carries with it the need for more ideas, experience, and commitment in managing and administrating a scholarship program. We welcome the participation of any alumni who want to share in the Boardís work!!!!!!

Alumni Spring Banquet - Sunday June 3, 2018
Golf Tournament - Saturday September 8, 2018
Annual Meeting - Wednesday October 10, 2018

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