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The Teachers' Hall of Fame was conceived to express “grateful appreciation for outstanding service as a teacher whose professional capability, integrity, and sympathetic understanding inspired the admiration, respect, and loyalty of students and associates, and whose wisdom and foresight left a lasting influence on the Whitesboro Central School System.”  The first teacher was inducted in 1968, making us the first in the United States to commemorate such service by this profession. A physical reminder of our place in history stands in the front circle of the Senior High School in Marcy. Have you ever wondered about all those bronze plaques on the wall outside the high school cafeteria? As of May 2018 there have been a total of 54 recipients. These inductees became eligible based on years of exceptional service to their school, students, and community.

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Annual Spring Banquet June 5th 2022
Golf Tournament Sept 9th 2022

Anyone looking to support our alumni association can order a Blue & White Golf Umbrella for $15 (note: these can not be shipped, must be picked up) or Alumni vinyl stickers $5 please contact Linda Schmidt to purchase.

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